The essence of “You & Oil” brand is a nourishing relationship. Nurturing and strengthening our customer – a woman or a man – while providing information, inspiration and support. Healthy beauty is at our core, so is a strong personality capable of free expression. We are about the knowledge, the perception, and responsible decisions that shape a happy life.

Coming soon – 100 holistic products for health and beauty./strong> “You & Oil” products for skin and hair are created exclusively from ecological oils, essential oils, plant extracts, the bioactive power of which is scientifically proven. “You & Oil KI”, the bioactive essential oil blends, awaken the body’s ability to recreate its own health.

From cells to drops. We challenge the perception of taking care of your skin and well-being by blending scientific dialogues with a primal intuition of choosing what nurtures and strengthens us into the formulas of our products. Everything is created in our own manufactory.

Why do we need standards? It’s because we cherish your trust. “You & Oil” is the first brand in Lithuania that received an international Ecocert certification. Ecocert is one of the world’s largest organisations for certifying ecological products, spreading through sectors of farming, houseware, textile and cosmetics. All of our hair and skin care remedies and bioactive essential oil blends match the notification standards of cosmetic products and good manufacturing practices (EB No. 1223/2009 and LST EN ISO 22716:2008).

We create innovations. Not only we offer a different view on skin and hair care conceptually, we also base our work on relevant innovations. During collaboration with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry we examined the quince that grows in Lithuania, and we added its seed oil, essential oil, extract, enzymes and hidrolat to the international list of cosmetic ingredients (INCI). We discovered the scope of these active substances to cure skin scars left by acne or pimples, and spring of 2016 will see us introducing a line of skin care products that are backed up by these breakthroughs. MITA has included this line between the twenty most promising prototypes from Lithuania.

Our company, represented by founder Birutė Nastaravičiūtė, won the BZN Start award for the most innovative organisation started by a woman.

More than ecology, more than business. We are among the founders of the International Wellness Cluster and we actively participate in its activities. The aim is to ensure a higher level of transparency in the market of beauty products, where around 75% of remedies marked as natural ones actually include synthetic and chemical ingredients in their composition.

Making the society that we live in stronger is also among our goals. One of “You & Oil” brand’s social well-being projects supports the Vilnius Waldorf School’s “Green” branch.