We introduced a new product line for Kids! You&Oil KIDS. Check out the moments from the official introduction.

Holidays for your skin!

When we work hard for a longer period, we often feel we need to take a break. Our skin – which has to withstand a great deal of different products every day – feels the same way. It longs for a pause and some fresh air in order to live with a greater force.


Nourish & Revive: Your skin craves vitality. This ultra-strength ACAI FIG MARULA antioxidant serum addresses all aspects of skin ageing: wrinkles and firmness, tone texture and hydration. More antioxidant protection means younger looking skin and better defense against premature skin aging.


The essence of “You & Oil” brand is a nourishing relationship. Nurturing and strengthening our customer – a woman or a man – while providing information, inspiration and support. Healthy beauty is at our core, so is a strong personality capable of free expression. We are about the knowledge, the perception, and responsible decisions that […]